Q: I’m having trouble uploading my image to the Print My Photo website, help!

A: First, make sure you are using our website from a computer, occasionally our website won’t perform correctly on a mobile device. To upload your image first click ‘Choose File’, select your image then click ‘Upload’. At the moment our website doesn’t show an image preview. If your still having a problems, please call us on 020 3667 3518 and we’ll be happy to assist. Or email us on sales@printmyphotoltd.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you


Q: Is my image good enough to be printed on canvas?

A: To get the best results on canvas, make sure you image is the highest resolution and size you can possibly get. We strongly recommend that you choose an image that is 1.5mb or higher. To find this out, simply hover your mouse over the image, or to find detailed information right click on the image and click ‘Properties’.

Q: My order has an ‘Invalid’ status, what does this mean? 

A:If your order has the ‘Invalid’ status it means that either, there was no image uploaded or delivery address. If you purchased via a voucher code, it could mean that you either typed your code in incorrectly or not at all. Invalid orders are usually refunded within 7 working days.


Q: I’m worried a part of my image will be wrapped around the canvas edge or not printed.

A: To fit your photo onto the specified canvas size we will often have to crop the original photo (ie if your photo is square and the canvas you have ordered is rectangle). We will do this the best we can to keep the feel of the picture. However if there are specific parts of the photo that you would like to keep on the front of the canvas and not on the wrap round you should let us know in advance. Ideally try not to use a photo where vital parts of the image is close to the edge.


Q: Will my item’s image look the same as on my computer screen?

A: We use the very latest technology for every product we produce, from the 12-colour system for our canvases to the latest heat technology for our mugs! However, your computer screen will display the image differently to when it’s printed due to contrast settings etc… so you might see a slight difference of colour.


Q: Can I have my items delivered to a different address, such as the person I’m gifting them too?

A: Yes absolutely! Simply put the address in the ‘Shipping’ section


Q: It’s been over the 10 working days, where’s my items?

A: As stated on the Delivery Information page, our products take an estimated 3-10 working days to produce. If you haven’t received your items there possibly might be a problem with your order. Usually we will email you if we find an issue, so keep your eyes peeled on your Inbox! Please note that if we do find a problem with your order, such as a low quality image or an invalid voucher code this will cause a delay  and your order may take longer to process.